People Dividing People

Here is something I do not understand, why do we put titles on ourselves? For instance, if  I call myself an “American” and the people in my neighboring country call themselves “Mexican,” doesn’t that give both groups reasons to have preconceived notions of each other? Nationalism is a man-made concept and is not something we were fundamentally born as. This concept leads to wars and unnecessary death. Why kill each other over titles like I am this and you are that? When you say “I am a human being,” and “You are a human being,” it somehow makes us feel connected, as though we aren’t different. Another example is, “I am a Democratic,” “You are a Republican,” it causes division once again. Isn’t it better to say “I believe in human rights,” and “You believe in human rights,” so there we are united. When you title yourself, people automatically think of you as something versus allowing you to define yourself through your actions. Titles create division and gives people reasons to judge (even harm) each other. When you call yourself a Christian, people have the preconceive notion that you only believe one way and if they don’t believe what you believe, then they won’t feel comfortable approaching you. If you call yourself a “Buddhist,” then other religious groups may have the preconceived notion that your salvation is at stake, so before getting to know you, there’s an idea of what you are. It’s so much more inviting to say “I am a child of God,” and “You are a child of God,” therefore, we feel unified, not divided. Titles blind us from seeing and loving each other the way we ought. It’s really strange to me why we fight over concepts. If we didn’t give into these man made ideas and titles, the world, I daresay, would be more pleasant.

16 thoughts on “People Dividing People

  1. I like your line of thinking… let’s keep going…

    If we go all the way through with your proposals, we find that all words themselves are merely titles for something, a construct of linguistics for the purpose of distinction, comparison, and classification. In that sense, if we were to remove all titles, we would also need to remove all words. Which might be a good idea – us being silent – at least for a little while.

    • That is so profound, I have never thought of that before. As I read your comment, I am thinking of all the words that define things and it causes other “things (for lack of better word” seem inferior or superior. Do you mean that because we speak, we cause prejudice from the beginning? I think I am seeing a glimpse of why meditation is an act that makes us realize who we are, right? In silence, just being, without defining the world around us and ourselves?

      • I wouldn’t say that usage of language is prejudice from the beginning, as prejudice means a “preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.” We learn what words mean through experience. It is often that I’ve learned the meanings of words from experience, but then upon checking the dictionary I realize my experience with the word (or how the word was used by others around me) wasn’t really the meaning of the word. So, then my experience of learning the actual definition changes my perception of the word. So, although certainly the meanings we attached to words are “preconceived” they are based on actual experience and therefore; not prejudicial.

        I think that words are tools which perform a useful function. A hammer is a tool used to build a house, but the hammer is not the house. So it is with words. The word “music” is not a song, but it is useful in that i can say to you “I think you would enjoy listening to Sigur Ros’ (my favorite band) music” and so my words may act as a tool enabling you discover the actual experience of listening to music, as the hammer is a tool enabling one to experience living within a house.

        The trouble comes when we begin to have too much of a good thing and confuse words as being something real. This is what brings confusion.

        Which is why meditation (or, contemplation as I call it) is important for sanity. If we do not stop to see through our thoughts (thoughts of course are also words, most of the time) then it is like we are talking to ourselves non-stop and never take the time to listen to what the world around us is saying.

    • Very good:
      “Titles create division and gives people reasons to judge (even harm) each other. ”

      From now on I will call myself Julien the Dinosaur, so no one can harm me any longer 😛

      No but really, it´s so god damn boring. Unless you call yourself something, at least in this country, people are totally confused. If I don´t attach whatever title, I don´t exist…

      Really – as Jack puts it – people take the hammer for the house and their unrelenting stupidity for life…

      Wonderful world…

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