11 thoughts on “Some Of My Paintings. Enjoy!

  1. wow. your paintings are really amazing… I was scrolling down, when I observed the last painting, the one with that mystic moon. I stared at it for sometime, and I tickled some of my wildest imagination, you are really imaginative. I simply loved your paintings. well wishes. be blessed!

    • Thanks for your support Syun! This put a smile on my face, I appreciate it so much. When you said it tickled your wildest imagination, it reminds me of how art makes me feel. Bless you!

  2. Since I’ve liked all your posts, and even the way you write, I’ve been trying to take it in slowly. So I’ve just gotten down to your paintings and wow am I impressed. Of course I’m a boring scientist and know nothing about art, but I at least know what I like. I especially liked the last painting and also the one that has the silhouette of man in what looks like kind of dimly lit bar, with a man in the background holding a keyboard. Do you ever sell any of them?

    • Scientists are far from boring, I can learn so much from one 🙂 That piano painting is quite dear to me. I have never sold a painting, but I would not oppose to it. You are so kind!

      • I am just a big fan of impressionist style paintings I guess. I am glad that my favorite is one of yours as well. I often have a knack for picking paintings that I like that the artist also likes. I wondered though if artists weren’t telling me that to make sure I’d buy their painting. 🙂 However, I’m really not quite that cynical. How often do you paint? Your blog says you are an artist. Is painting what you prefer or do you do other kinds of art as well?

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